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Into the Wild


Chris McCandless’s journal while in the Alaskan wild.


Emile Hirsch – Into the Wild (2007)

The boy could hardly contain his excitement. He was, at long last, about to be alone in the vast Alaska wilds.
Jon Krakauer talking about Chris - Into The Wild


Into The Wild + Landscape


Into The Wild (2007, Sean Penn)

How would you say Into The Wild inspires you? It always made me want to leave and explore the wilderness, but I never saw people in the same way as Chris seems to do in sources about him (probably due to a very different life and upbringing). I'm just curious as to how other people interpreted his story.

He did what he wanted (despite what people might have thought), and not many people do, perhaps through fear that they can’t succeed. His family had a lot of money, so it would have been easy to stay and live a wealthy life and we’d never know about him, but would he have been happy if he’d done that? He did not believe that money = happiness. We shouldn’t let pieces of paper and little coins determine the quality of our lives. We should chase our dreams, and we should chase them with no negativity about the endeavour.

One thing I learn from Chris’ story is that, although you can be fine for x period of time on your own, you need other people in your life to avoid loneliness.

When I heard his voice, it was like sunshine after a month of rain.
Ron Franz on receiving a call from Chris - Into The Wild
He intended to invent an utterly new life for himself, one in which he would be free to wallow in unfiltered experience.
Jon Krakauer talking about Chris, Into The Wild